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Kissimmee Vacation Rentals is a playground for all ages. Enjoy the many activities and attractions Kissimmee has to offer from your vacation rental. Explore Disney World, playe a round of golf, or take a short drive to the beach for a picnic. Whether you are looking for adventure, a little rest and relaxation, or maybe a little of both, a Kissimmee vacation rental is waiting for you.

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About Kissimmee, Florida

Before Mickey and Friends made Kissimmee home, the then small town was a prosperous community. Starting out as a trading post, then called Allentown, it was sold to a purchaser who then went on to shape what is known now as Kissimmee. Draining the swamp lands and deepening the Kissimmee River allowed a better trade route to the area. Over time, the community began to prosper with the production of cattle and sugarcane.

Today, you can still see the orginal landscape that was once Kissimmee with an airboat ride through the swamps. Draining of the swamp also has allowed the Kissimmee area to prosper with the production of organges, and is one of the largest producers in the nation. The historic downtown provides a glimpse of an era gone by, and can be seen even further through the Pioneer Museum.

This Florida town is filled with family–friendly activities like ice–skating, mini golf, and dinner shows. But don't forget that Mickey and friends still await your visit with a short five–minute drive.

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